Learn ChatGPT and AI in 4 Weeks This Summer

A life-long skill for ages 12 and above over the summer. Full time for four weeks.

learn chatgpt and AI in 4 weeks this summer

Build an impressive chatbot in just 4 weeks

Never forget what you learned through personal chatbot that will answer questions even after course is over.

  • Learn how to use chatGPT effectively for your studies and business.
  • Learn how to build impressive AI projects in computer vision and generative AI including customer service chatbots.
  • Learn basics of machine learning and data science.
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Our AI Education Platforn

Learn AI through videos , coding lab and live Question answer sessions with Google, meta and other top institute executives researchers and professors.

Several different resources like AI tools, video tutorials, live Q&A and career guidance


Build an impressive AI product for your college admission portfolio in the summer.

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Speak with guest speakers every week - Our guest speakers include top Phds, professors, AI-professionals(including meta and google) and AI graduates(includingUIUC, UCSD and Stanford).

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students becoming leaders after getting educated from EduGenAI

Career Path

Experience various tech roles and learn how to make informed career decisions..

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Most latest AI tips & tricks, opportunity for internship and getting career guidance in AI summer camp

Gain access to our learning center with all AI learning materials

AI videos and tutorials for in-depth AI understanding.

Digital Tutoring

Digital Tutoring

Learn at your own speed. Listen to videos multiple times to grasp concepts. No coding experience necessary to begin. We will guide you step by step

Learning most relevant topics like chatgpt and generative AI


We select the best students to train for tech internships at top technology companies. Learn the skill that you can immediately apply at your job and studies.

learning experience for lifetime, take your career to new level

Learning Experiences

Get access to AI tools for free to try out the concepts in generative AI and computer vision.

Batch Choices

Select batch to get started and finish learning most important skills in a month!