Informative and Most Advanced Programs for Our Students

AI Unpacked: A Fast Track to AI

Duration-1 week

Our programs are divided into small chunks and education is so informative and engaging through the use of graphics, videos, coding assistant and fun projects that our students love them.

  • An introductory hands-on course that will teach fundamentals in AI technology.
  • Topics include AI, chatGPT, stable diffusion (Generative AI) and Web Development.
  • 1 week long program from 10 AM to 3 PM during the winter or summer break.
  • Regular pricing $899. Early bird pricing: $749.
  • It's an introductory course - no coding experience is needed to participate.
  • share your projects on social media
100 %
Understanding AI terms and fundamentals
100 %
Knowledge about latest AI tools
100 %
Experience of using AI tools
100 %
Incorporating AI tools in business, studies or art


With extensive experience of our faculty and latest AI tools available at their disposal, our students learn much faster than any other program .

Using AI for studies, Art and business
Different career paths in AI
Information about latest AI tools and how to incorporate these AI tools in business or studies
Access to Smart AI Tools

Hands on experience with using smart AI tools for image generation , video generation, text generation, summarization etc.

Smart Content

Learn how to create content for youtube videos, advertizing or any data analysis porjects in a matter of minutes instead of weeks or months.

Smart Learning

Learn about most useful AI concepts and most advanced AI tools without going through throusands of youtube videos in circle.